(latest images are first)

二十五 goth girl simulator 6.sep.2018 Goth girl management.

二十四 sketches 6.sep.2018 Vine2D palette.

二十三 stranger knight 18.aug.2018 Dark soulsy.

二十二 メカ
24.feb.2018 Autonomous multipurpose mechanical cavalry.

二十一 alien sampler#3
20.feb.2018 Zothyrian lifeforms.

二十 alien sampler#2
20.feb.2018 Nonhumanoid extrasolar entities.

十九 alien sampler#1
12.feb.2018 Various extrasolar lifeforms.

十八 attacking knightbot
17.oct.2017 Ingame enemy, shoots bullets from eye and shoulder mounted cannon.

十七 bullet hell with knight
17.oct.2017 Testing simple bullet hell mechanics in godot engine.

十六 alien navigation piedesdal
19.jul.2017 Biotechnological equivalent of our monitor/radar. Image is assembled from luminescent point cloud of microbes controlled by optical nerve input signal.

十五 moons
Celestial bad dudes. Testining 9bit color palette in digital painting. 19.jul.2017

十四 transhumans
Few humans survived the big crunch, each of them changed into colossal pillars harboring part of universe’s memory. 19.jul.2017

十三 alien thinker
All he only shitposts all day. 19.jul.2017

十二 tower
Techno history, their medieval dark ages are our present time. 19.jul.2017

十一 king machine
Humans are test subjects for google (and other ai developing corporations). 4.jul.2017

十 new web menu
Should look like unix control panel, 3 color coded categories from top to bottom: main info, projects and articles. 4.jul.2017

九 2991: refuelling spaceships
Fuel processing spacestation is harvesting helium from Jupiter’s atmosphere. 21.jun.2017

八 fauna-fungi-flora
Three Fs, lifeforms on earth.

七 transneptunian flora
Semi-intelligent fungi, vegans fear them. 20.jun.2017

六 negative power plants
Extremely ecological, they generate electricity from black flame - an kliphotic rift caused by angelic reaction*. Black flame is also called the side effect produced by cyclic nuclear fission. 19.jun.2017

五 map explorer
One map, user hovers upon different areas to see detailed information (mostly sketches).
18.jun.2017 19.jun.2017

四 f-fly
A-bomb carrying mutant of spider and fly.

三 gnome
Computer gnome, brings good luck to your data.

二 squidbot
Alien fish is controlling squid mecha.

一 catring
Some sacral cat shit.