File organization

This is structure of home directory on my laptop with descriptions of notable folders:

directory structure

Documents/projects: Just things that i work on, this directory contains various in progress works, source files for this website, some prototypes and artworks. As projects are abandoned or finished their folders are moved to backup drive with lots of free space. Result of finished project is moved to _finals folder, big files are moved to external drive. _libs contains common or shared assets that can be used in various projects: color palettes, fonts or software libraries. workbook is playfield for testing various concepts, demos or sketches. Things from here often hatch to new projects.

Documents/scripts: Bash scripts that i made, this is also reference location for services like crontab or launchd and is set in $PATH variable. Backup script resides here, launchd runs it each sunday at 23:00 to mirror home folder with rsync to external drive.

Google Drive, Nextcloud: Folders containing files on cloud services. Im running my own instance of Nextcloud on vps, this website is also hosted on same vps.

mount: Used for mounting network drives, ftp or sshfs connections.

Movies, Music, Pictures: These directories are only aliases to locations on connected sd card. This computer has only 128 gb ssd disk, so media needed on the road are here.

syncthing: Application runs on this computer and my mobile phone, phone camera and phone documents are synchronized here, so each photo taken with phone appears here, music files or videos from computer are easily copied to phone without using annoying usb cable.