01/09/2017 Page redesign.
24/08/2017 Page is hosted from sandstorm/davros instead of apache2.
13/07/2017 Added pinball game playable in browser.
05/07/2017 Added last modified date under article icon. Article updates will be not mentioned anymore in news.
04/07/2017 Overhaul of landing page.
03/07/2017 Updated vapor bsx, added concepts.
06/06/2017 Added File organization article.
09/06/2017 Site moved to vps.
08/06/2017 Converting old site to Jekyll.
04/12/2016 Universum B hardware updated: BSX2 gamepad concept.
03/12/2016 Universum B hardware updated: corruption.
19/11/2016 is online, just enter that server adress and join in, current limit is 8 people. Added Vapor BSX2 to Universum B hardware.
18/11/2016 Added section about seti@home.
23/10/2016 Using rsync for webpage update.
23/08/2016 Bad Projection game devlog started.
14/08/2016 Added custom cursor, Transmission Player for Web is working.
11/08/2016 Design of Transmission Player for Web is ready.
09/08/2016 Random quotes appear in header, edited About article.
03/08/2016 Domain is, dynamic ip change is solved thanks to duck dns.
01/08/2016 Going online, IP is still dynamic and site has no official domain name.
27/07/2016 Webserver on Raspbian is working on local network, problem with browser caching is solved and tested on 2 different webbrowsers.
26/07/2016 First entry, figuring things out.