This is a series of pictures and ideas coming from the hypothetic future. Tone of images is little cynical, with positive attitude towards technology. When inspiration strikes, it is drawn in resolution of 320x200 pixels and colored with Nintendo NES palette (no sprite or color count restrictions). Most of the pictures were drawn in Pro Motion 6.5, some in Aseprite.

Transmission player for web

Web application for viewing transmission images, uses html5 canvas. To view transmissions, click the connect button.

Connect to transmission player

Transmission player for crt monitor

Transmissions displayed at Hradby Samoty 2016, castle Rosice near Brno, photo by Michal Horna Photo by Michal Horna

Written in Lua and Love2d, this software outputs image loop in 15 second bursts. Between each change, upcoming image is displayed jumbled for one second and then reconstructed. This is done by slicing the base image to 8x8 tiles and randomly changing their position in spriteBatch array. Software runs on Raspberry Pi 2, using PiLove os (Raspbian with precompiled SDL2 for OpenGL ES). Picture is upscaled to PAL standard (720x576px) and output to Sony PWM-9L1 (bought it secound-hand, used as reference monitor in television production). Rpi has CVBS video output, but finding good cables was not easy, i wish i read this article first. Pixel art viewed on CRT monitor is more authentic to its roots, but it can be simulated with shaders.