Vapor BSX2

BSX2 stands for Bastard MSX2. It is a set of graphical restrictions to visually emulate graphics of ancient japanese computers. Using 9-bit RGB palette provides 512 unique colors with specific crunchy look. BSX allows usage of low poly 3D graphics with maximum amount of 256 colors on screen.

(latest images are stacked on top)

Scrying Drone: background is inspired by fighting scenes from devil summoner: soul hackers and persona 2.

Wizard UFO

Wizard UFO and False Moon: two enemy guys idling, textures are 256px squares on both models.

Wizard UFO

False Moon

CRT monitor model: scanlines and blurring added to raw pixelart in Natron, rendered in Blender. Glass has wrong glossy reflection, but image on monitor is better visible without sharp mirroring.

Colony crt

Vapor 2d

256x256px screen scaled 2x, 9-bit palette used in all bsx projects. This is advertising graphics for vapor computer. Depicted model connects to alien computer network (probably of zothyrian origin), computer has some cables outside front panel - they can be rewired to different internal hardware parts. Pyramid is an external translation device that decodes alien signals from network, syringe is used for injecting magnetite solution.

Animated sketch

Animated sketch

Vapor operating dataplane

Gamepad concept

Old computer showing windows 3.11 logo

Floating magical object

Infinite flight in canyon

Rendering of old computer and monitors

Modem Altar: X86 based PC with many peripherals running proprietary distribution of Unix called ZothyrianBSD. This computer is aimed at / marketed for techno-pagans, voudon gnostics, chaos mages and typhonian thelemites. Runs software used for divination, praying, summoning, channeling, binaural beats, hypnosis and has messenger app for transdimensional communication.


  • software controlled incense burners
  • many one voice speakers with reverb DSPs used for choral autochants
  • dial up modem
  • radio frequency transmitter (using radio astronomy wavelengths)
  • extra monitors for sigil displays